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Make EDGE Tydan Red

You need every edge you Can Make Sure you have the right blade Profile ,Hollow and Marmonanre to give you the EDGE to win

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You need a blade that stands up to the posts and provides better attack angle to increase your mobility on the ice

Goalie blade edgeucation


You need a blade that gives you an edge that lasts to maximize your speed, acceleration and mobility until the buzzer goes

Players Blade Edgeucation

Blade Profiling

Leam the difference having the right profile can have
On your stability , mobility, speed and agility

Custom Blade Edgeucation

Blade Hollow

Understand how to select and adjust Your hollow as your skating ability, playing style and size changes.

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Player Blades

Hockey is a team game that is won one battle at a time. Every battle puts your skills up against your opponents. Every edge you have can make the difference when it comes to who ends up on top. Make sure you have the edge.

Goalie Blades

We understand the mental strength you have to play between the pipes. You need the confidence that your blades have the same internal and external strength as you do. You can trust Tydan Performance blades to give you the edge.

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Whether you are using stock skate blades or you are buying custom blades profiling is a critical step to enhancing performance. Stock blades are not necessarily made with a proper skating profile. Understanding profiling and how it impacts skating performance is critical to having the edge. Tydan Performance Blades profiles skate blades for many NHL teams and players and can profile your blades to enhance performance regardless of the blade manufacturer.


Custom Blade Hallows

You do everything right. You train hard. You eat right. You get lots of rest before the game. However, there is only 3mm you are riding on to give you the edge you need to win. You need to make sure your blades are ready to go for game time.



how to have the edge

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Blades, profiles, hollows and maintenance